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Karl's main studio is located upstairs at the Green Drake Gallery and Arts Center, in Millheim, Pennsylvania, where Karl is the managing partner and Resident Artist. See


I've been creating custom signs in central Pennsylvania for forty years. My work is all created by hand, whether just painted or including carving/routing and/or gold leaf. If you are looking for a traditional hand-made and painted sign, I'm one of the few in the area who still does this kind of work. I can also reproduce antique and other classic signs for unique situations. I don't do cut vinyl or other computer-generated signs. I can help design your sign, as well, or work from your supplied design. In most cases I can also do the installation work. The images below are a few examples of signs I've completed in recent years.

Because I am a one-person shop, costs are kept down and quality control high, so you will find my pricing for quality traditional signs to be very competitive. Also, because I paint many different subjects as a fine artist, I can create exactly what you need on a sign or on other graphics, without being limited to stock art or the colors and methods a machine is limited to. I welcome small local jobs as well as high end work. Get in touch with any inquiries at 814-422-8461 or .

Leitzel studio sign image

The main sign at our gallery and arts center in downtown Millheim, Pennsylvania. My main studio area is upstairs. This sign is carved HDU (high density urethane) board, the newer replacement for redwood and cedar in most carved "wood" signs. The material is very stable and looks just like carved wood when finished. The sign is finished in top-quality one-shot oil-based sign enamels and 23K gold leaf. In this case, I also designed and installed the sign.

Leitzel studio sign image

This is the original sign for the Elk Creek Cafe and Aleworks in Millheim. I also recently finished their new sign, brought on by a major logo change. This is a carved HDU sign with one-shot enamel finish. The design was supplied and a local ironworker made the installation hardware.

Sign by Karl Eric Leitzel

A new sign (2016) for the recently named new nine course at Centre Hills Country Club in State College. The sign is hand-painted in oil enamels on 3/4 inch MDO board.

Leitzel studio sign image

A sign in Millheim. Carved HDU board with one-shot enamels. I also installed the signs and designed the lower one.

Leitzel studio sign image

A carved and custom-shaped sign I designed and created for a shop in Gettysburg. I only do higher-end signs outside of the Centre County area. I installed the sign, as well. HDU board with one-shot enamels.

Leitzel studio sign image

A painted sign near Coburn, Pennsylvania that I also designed. The sign is finshed in one-shot enamels and the surface is 3/4 inch MDO (medium density overlay) board. I also made and installed the 4x4 pressure-treated post and crosspiece.

Leitzel studio sign image

A pair of signs in Millheim. Carved HDU board with one-shot enamels. I also installed the signs and designed both.

Leitzel studio sign image

A painted sign that I also designed in Lemont, Pennsylvania. The sign is finished in one-shot enamels and the surface is 3/4 inch MDO (medium density overlay) board, the standard for most non-carved custom signs.



I occasionally get called upon to do graphic design work, mostly computer-based using Photoshop, for a variety of projects. I welcome this change of pace. I have considerable experience after working for eight years for Penn State's World Campus doing computer graphics and web design. I can also do high quality photography if that is a project need.

Poster for Grange Fair 2015

As the Artist in Residence for the Centre County Grange Fair for the last eight years, we've also created a collectors' poster each year featuring one of my paintings. In addition to painting the image, I do all the graphic design and printing setup for the 24x18 inch poster. (click to enlarge)

Poster for Green Drake Gallery show

This is one of the many special show posters I create for our Green Drake Gallery. I can create ready-to print posters, flyers, and postcards for any advertising need, and have local printers I work with on a regular basis. (click to enlarge)

CD cover for Jay Vonada

Jay Vonada, a local professional musician and composer, had me design his latest CD cover. This included front, back, and inside CD label. I've also done various show posters for Jay.

Logo for Focused Rehab

This is a logo I designed for a new firm located in Richmond, Virginia. After designing the logo, I also set up files for business card and letterhead printing and created a header for their website.


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