Original Art - Oil Landscapes

A majority of my landscapes are done in oils, usually on canvas or canvas panel. I use alkyd oils, which handle very much like traditional oils and are of equal quality, but dry faster. This allows a finished painting to be varnished and framed much sooner, which is especially nice in the case of commissioned work. Some pieces are painted en plein air (in the field), while others are done in the studio, generally from my own photographs. Plein air pieces are noted, as are pieces that were either done on commission or have been sold.

If you see something you like and might be interested in purchasing, email at karlericleitzel@gmail.com or call at 814-422-8461. I can easily ship work for a small additional charge. If you have an idea for a painting you might like to have done on commission (subject, size and price agreed upon before hand), please get in touch.

Currently available oil landscapes

Beach Sunrise oil painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Beach Sunrise
Oil on canvas, 24x48 inches, 2014
Available $1600.00

Treeline Sunset oil painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Sunset Over Treeline
Oil on canvas, 12x36 inches, 2014
Available $800.00

Penns Creek at Ingleby, October, painting by Karl Eric Leitzel
Penns Creek at Ingleby, October
Oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches, 2013
Available $2250.00

October Fencerow, Morning Light, oil painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

October Fencerow, Morning Light
Oil on canvas, 16x16 inches, 2012
Available $900.00

Neff Round Barn, painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Neff Round Barn (near Centre Hall, PA), October
Oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches, 2012
Commissioned by Northwest Savings Bank and
hanging in their Centre Hall Branch lobby.

Winter Sunset Over Penns Valley, oil painting by Karl Eric leitzel

Winter Sunset Over Penns Valley
Oil on canvas, 11x14 inches, 2012 (SOLD)

Commissioned painting at Ingleby by Karl Eric Leitzel

Camp on Penns Creek at Ingleby
Oil on canvas, 15x30 inches, 2012 (Commission)

Higbee Beach Sunset oil painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Higbee Beach Sunset #1 (Cape May, NJ)
Oil on canvas, 36x48 inches, 2008
Available $2600.00

Painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Sarah Jane at Sunset,( Edisto Beach, SC)
Oil on canvas, 24x18 inches, 2008





Contact the artist at karlericleitzel@gmail.com

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