Nittany Lion Inn - "Change of Classes" In-progress journal

Karl Eric Leitzel    July, 2009    main web site

The Finished Painting

Penn State Change of Classes painting by KArl Eric Leitzel

"Change of Classes" as it now hangs in the lobby of the Nittany Lion Inn.


Change of Classes painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

Here is the finished painting, "Change of Classes", ready for final varnishing and framing. I hope viewers will feel compelled to study the piece in detail looking for the many nuances of campus life in the early 21st century I've tried to capture, as well as the details that make this scene uniquely Penn State University Park.










Closeup Details


You can see the gradual increase in detail from background to foreground, while trying to keep a consistency in style and brushwork.

This painting has been a long, involved process, but has also a very rewarding one. Now, it's on to the unveiling to the general public.

Painting by Karl Eric Leitzel


Painting by Karl Eric Leitzel



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