Nittany Lion Inn - "Change of Classes" In-progress journal

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Day 5

Painting by Karl Eric Leitzel


(for comparison) Day 4



Painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

At the End of Day 5


Other than the obvious color shift under the indoor lighting, changes are more subtle now. I mainly worked on the foliage and other background details, with a little adjustment on figures. Tomorrow I'll probably mainly concentrate on refining the main figures and getting the overall contrasts and sense of depth optimized. After that, it's little touches of brushwork and adjusting the balance between detail and softness in various areas.

Tomorrow's weather should allow working outside, which is ideal for stepping back to evaluate the painting as a whole. When it's hung in the lobby of the Inn, viewing distances will range from 8 to 30 feet, which is typical of a large painting, so the effect at various distances is an important consideration.



Painting detail by Karl Eric Leitzel

Today's Closeup


The interplay of many colors in the brushwork of things like tree foliage help give the painting a richer feel. Even these areas are not yet finished, as the entire painting has to be very nearly done before final little adjustments of color and edges can be made.











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