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Day 4

Painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

(for comparison) Day 3


The changes will be more subtle now, especially at this small scale, so I'll be posting the full image from the day before next to the final image from the new day's work. In this case, the different color and quality of lighting between indoor artificial lighting and natural daylight is also apparent, but you should be able to see other changes and refinements in some areas. Not all areas were even touched today, as this work will continue over several days, and no part of the painting should be considered complete yet.

Painting by Karl Eric Leitzel

At the End of Day 4


Along with obvious additions like the lettering on teeshirts, I've been working on many of the figures and the nearer buildings. I've also been adding to the textures and color in the tree foliage, grass, and sidewalk areas.

At this stage, I bounce around working on whatever most demands my attention next. A more structured, linear person might approach it differently, but this works for me.

An amusing note - The student in the foreground actually had on a shirt with a different university name. Nothing wrong with that, but because of the prominence of this particular figure, I felt that reinforcement of the location depicted would be preferable over potential confusion or uncertainty. So, I used Photoshop (the application I did all the photo manipulation with) to erase out the previous name on my photo montage and add Penn State's, in a style I took from an actual Penn State teeshirt. The male student further back with the white teeshirt, though, actually was wearing a "Paternoville" teeshirt, which is readable on the large painting and which seems very fitting to the era at Penn State. I should also note that I stopped by campus today and took some additional photos of some of the buildings, to be sure I have enough accurate reference material.


Another Closeup


In this closeup you can see some additional refinement of clothing and faces, but these are not yet in their final form. As I approach completion of the painting over the next couple of days, I'll work to achieve a unity of style and detailing over the entire painting. A scene can be painted in a variety of styles, but the piece should have a sense of harmony within itself as well as being true to that artists's esthetic and technical approach.

You can see from this closeup how the photos of the entire painting give a false sense of sharper realism than the painting actually has in person. Remember, the painting measures 36 by 54 inches!







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