End of a Good Season

This unusual portrait of football coach Joe Paterno was painted in February of 2012, soon after his death, in response to seeing a beautiful photograph taken by my friend, professional photographer Pat Little. The original 24 x 36 inch oil painting was spoken for within days of its completion. In response to requests for prints, I instead chose to offer a limited series of hand-painted “copy paintings” in three sizes. Copy paintings were commonly done by artists before photographic reproduction became the norm. Gilbert Stuart, one of the best known portraitists of George Washington during the first president’s lifetime, painted and sold as many as 130 smaller versions of the large portrait that is the basis for the image now on our $1 bill.

My inspiration for painting this was a desire to honor his long career of service to Penn State and beyond, both as a coach and as a major supporter of academics and integrity at the university.

The smaller paintings are individually hand painted by the artist in oils on canvas with 23K gold leaf highlights in the hair, just like the larger original painting. Since each is individually hand-painted, each will vary slightly. The 9x12 inch size will be limited to 35 paintings, the 16x20 inch size to 25, and the 18 x 24 inch size to 15. Several frame options are available at the same price.

Framed 9 x 12 inch: $300 + tax
Framed 16 x 20 inch: $750 + tax
Framed 18 x 24 inch: $900 + tax

Contact me at 814-422-8461 or karlericleitzel@gmail.com, or visit the Green Drake Gallery in Millheim, Pa. to see them in person. Shipping is available. As of September 2015, there are only a couple more available in the 9x12 and 18x24 inch sizes. The 16x20 inch size, started more recently, has more available before reaching the limit.


Painting of Joe Paterno by Karl Eric Leitzel

End of a Good Season
Oil on canvas panel, 18x24 inches, 2012-2015

$900 (framed)


Painting of Joe Paterno by Karl Eric leitzel

End of a Good Season
Oil on canvas panel, 9x12 inches, 2012-2015

$300 (framed)




Contact the artist at karlericleitzel@gmail.com

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