The Rodney Myers Memorial Run Around Egg Hill
10-miler and Relay Race

March 28, 2010  Spring Mills, PA

The 7th Annual Run Around Egg Hill (now the Rodney Myers Memorial Run Around Egg Hill) attracted a field of 55 solo runners and 12 teams. It was a cool, wet day, but all survived in good spirits. We would especially like to thank the following:

Business Sponsors: The Bicycle Shop, Christopher Kunes, Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks, Burkholder's Country Market, Karl Eric Leitzel Fine Art Studio, Mifflinburg Bank and Trust Company, Rapid Transit Sportswear, Tussey Settlement, Penns Valley Veterinary Clinic, Millheim Small Engine, Penns Valley Pharmacy, Sam's Club, and Willowbank LTD.

Volunteers: Members of the Penns Valley track and cross country teams, and Bob and Joyce Brown of Hampton's Battery F (cannon).

Race Committee: Scott Brooker, Jane Brooker, Karl Leitzel, and Deneen Keller.

Jay Lynch and Tim Rogers - Race Directors

Overall Race Results

2010 Rodney Myers Memorial Run Around Egg Hill Race Results (category breakout)
Overall Team  
The Squirrel and the Crazed Yak 1:16:55
Open Mixed  
Chihuahua Wannabees 1:24:05
Mac & Cheese 1:35:01
Open Female  
Valley Girls 1:24:05
Open Male  
Arby and the Chief 1:30:08
Family Mixed  
The Ciccolini Two 1:17:55
Family Male  
Kistler Kross Kountry 1:20:27
Super Hero Squad 1:21:00
Family Female  
Flo Motion 1:26:34
Senior Female  
Lewis & Clark 1:39:10
Senior Mixed  
Moondogs 1:28:01
Tortoise & the Haire 1:29:17
Dave Moore 0:55:15
Male -Age Catagories  
John Beiler 1:08:52
Elijah Shekinah 57:23:00
Alan Effrig 1:03:10
Jason Bennett 1:05:54
Miles Smith 1:07:55
Joshua McCracken 1:09:34
Paul Winkelblech 1:11:34
Ray McMullen 1:11:50
Tom Stoessel 1:16:57
Matthew Gerhart 1:26:15
Shawn DeLuca 1:27:13
Jamie Felker 1:28:18
Patrick Singletary 59:14:00
Costas Maranas 1:02:41
Ben Leitzel 1:04:46
Gregory Luna 1:06:11
John Domico 1:06:36
Michael Sullivan 1:08:24
Tim Spegelmyer 1:14:56
Garth Benton 1:17:13
Dana Todd 1:18:28
Richard Greene 1:20:34
Jay Goldman 1:23:59
Rich Lally 1:36:53
Gary Helsel 1:44:26
Tom Cali 1:05:17
David DeGroote 1:17:26
Andreas Wucher 1:18:57
James Quigel 1:19:59
Martin Mazur 1:21:31
Gene Smith 1:22:15
Barry Kernfeld 1:24:56
Nick Winograd 1:23:28
Rich Crowe 1:31:38
Female Results Age Categories
Overall Female
Meira Minard 1:05:28
19 and Under
Tatum Del Bosco 1:06:54
Ally Lush 1:17:55
Victoria Herr 1:43:28
Jessie Li 1:43:30
Amanda Allen 1:44:28
Macy Elder 1:46:31
Willa Paterson 1:07:14
Emily Baker 1:24:01
Shannon Moriarty 1:42:44
Heather Donald 1:51:58
Adeline Hanson 1:08:00
Tara Murray 1:18:27
Jodi Butler 1:22:31
Jessica Wekk 1:30:24
Tina Gregory 1:41:22
Mary Kathryn Malone 1:41:37
Melissa Helsel 1:44:26
Richelle Fessler 1:25:17
Michelle Hutnick 1:36:30
Denise Weaver 1:41:21

Hampton's Battery F (race start cannon)
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