Original Art for Enhancing Corporate Offices

Corporate offices, executive suites, and public lobby areas often feature art on the walls, but this art usually consists of framed reproductions. In the case of a Vermeer or a Monet, there is little choice, but original art by regional or emerging national artists is often a very realistic alternative. Paintings on canvas or panel are much less expensive to properly frame than prints behind glass, helping keep the prices down. You may well find that an office decoration budget will go nearly as far buying original art, and the long-term potential value is much higher. In spite of what you might be told by some, a reproduction always loses something in the process, and is only one of many.

There is also an advantage in using work by a single artist, either for an entire office complex or for a particular room, in that there will be a continuity of style and often in frame choice that will enhance the overall atmosphere.

Below are several views of some of my work in the offices of corporate client Sequinox, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Owner Joe Wirbick has become an enthusiastic collector of my work, and has incorporated it extensively into his growing office suite.


Karl Eric Leitzel paintings in office setting.


Karl Eric Leitzel paintings in office setting.


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